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Job Levels

Depending on the level of activities, sellers gain increase opportunities to expand their businesses. Increase in levels is gained automatically depending on good and high quality service and better buyer ratings. Attainable levels ranges from L1 – L3.

Generally new users on L1 are allowed to list jobs or products priced at £30 or below. Users on L2 are allowed to list jobs or products priced up to £500, while those on L3 may list at any price up to £2,500. 

Sellers are obliged to stick to the delivery time published in their job adverts and failing to do so may result in cancellation of order by the buyer. Sellers may “forcefully cancel” an order without the buyers consent, but this will result in a negative rating for such seller. A “mutual cancellation” has no effect on a seller rating, however an unanswered mutual cancellation requests will be automatically accepted after 48hrs and will have an adverse effect on the user’s rating.