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I will send a postcard from London with your message (60 words max.) hand written to you or anyone of your choice anywhere in the world. This will be competed within 2 days. Postcard may be different form picture in gig.

I will write a 500 word article rich in SEO keywords for for £5

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I will write 500 words high quality article that is rich in SEO keywords for £5. A very good keyword reach article will promote your business, website or blog and brings a lot of high traffic. Consequently boost your ranking and sales.

I will check and beef up your CV for £5

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As an employer and HR person with experience I will check your CV for £5. If need be I will help you to beef it up to ensure that it contains the descriptions and information that the employers are look for in an excellent CV. I will deliver this for you in three days.

I will spell-check your work for £3

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With over 5 year as an editor I will review and edit your work (article, website, blog etc) for £3. I will check your punctuations, spelling, grammar re-arrange your paragraphs if necessary. This particular gig is for only 200 word limit. I am willing to take up jobs from all kind of subject matter, but if you think that you have an exceptional topic please message me first.